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I always wanted to look good and feel great - but unfortunately, it didn’t come naturally to me. I wasn’t the sportiest or the most handsome kid around, but I believed that with enough effort I could achieve that. And I believe I did.

While I am happy to work hard to become] whom I want to be, I hate wasting time and money - so I was always on the look for the most time and price efficient solutions to achieve my health and fitness goals. You would be surprised, that some advertised as such in glossy magazines, fancy websites and fat books are in reality an utter BS.

Also, by coming from the legal background and working in finance and investments, there are several principles which are important to me and which I apply in my job and life in general, including health and fitness:

  • I only trust what I tried and tested myself - and whether it worked is the only important metrics for me
  • I collect, analyse and review data to draw my conclusions - “feeling better” or “looking good” is of little value unless it could be backed by numbers and other tangible data
  • I would consider trying something only if it makes scientific and general sense - so you won’t see me using “snake oil” or running naked in full moon on these pages

This unique approach allowed to gather over the years the significant volume of research and testing - which I am very excited to share with you.

I trust that this website and information herein would allow you not only to achieve health, fitness and happiness you want - but also do that quicker, cheaper and in a more informed manner.